Cooking club Kort Lontje

Menu for Kort Lontje January 2010

Last friday was the second time we were coming together with the cooking club Kort Lontje. Again the location was in Kookstudio K-O-K-S in Amsterdam and Mia was this time in charge of coming up with a menu and working that out together with Albert en Pieter. After the ‘heavy’ holidays the theme was ‘light’…. :) I got to say though that I absolutely loved the menu, but it was anything BUT light! So in that sense… the theme did not really work that well, but other than that it was a brilliant menu again.

This is what we made:

Palet of three amuses:

chicory with baked scallops

Mix salad with raspberry dressing

tartar of veal

Italian risotto with mushrooms and steamed filet of sole

Quail made into a little package (rolled roast) with sauerkraut and truffelpuree

Tartellette of poached pears, poached pearicecream, poached pear sauce

We again had some people do the starters, others the mains and the dessert, so we each had our separate tasks. I have to say that I made the risotto and that wasn’t the most exciting as I have done risotto many times at home, but ok, someone has to do it, right?

I will share the recipes for every dish with you in separate posts as it will be too long to do it otherwise! So more coming up!


  1. says

    I think you mean poached pears. And also veal tartare instead of calfs. (of het moet van kuiten gemaakt zijn 😉 )

    Mooie foto’s weer!


    Simone (junglefrog) Reply:

    Aha! Thanks for the correction!! I was having one of those days when I couldn’t possibly find the correct terms for certain things… :) I changed it in the post!


  2. says

    This looks AMAZING! I so wish we had a similar club in Greece. I mean there are cooking classes and you do eat the food afterwards, but this is a PROPER meal! I am looking forward to the recipes…


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