Amsterdam workshop September 2013

I can’t believe it is over already. We prepared months in advance, had many skype calls and late night email or twitter messages flying between Germany and Holland. From location hunting to finding some awesome sponsors  (see below) for our goodiebags it was an enormous amount of hours that went into the workshop… And then all of a sudden it was there…

I think it was April when we first announced that Meeta, Sandy and I would be doing a joined workshop here in Almere/Amsterdam. Within two weeks the workshop was completely sold out.

Something I had not expected to happen so quickly! So thanks to all our fabulous particpants for putting their trust in us and signing up for the workshop. First and foremost I hope everyone got what they came for.

Sandy’s crafting session

We had people coming over from all over Europe mostly but also as far as Dubai. We had Heidi from Dubai, Karin and Veronika from Austria, Michelle and Jenn from Switzerland, Edith from Holland, Roxanne and Allison from France, Eleni from Greece, Mari from Finland, Scarlett from Switzerland again and Emily from the UK. We were lucky to have found a beautiful location in Het Groene Geheim (The green secret) as it was perfect for our workshop. The large garden gave plenty of playground and the lodge were nice and comfortable to relax in afterwards.

Ofcourse there was food!

It was great fun working with Meeta and Sandy and I think we really did make a great team. So thanks so much ladies! And ‘ach so ja bohn’ will probably always stay in my head.. ;) Lol… And thanks also to Sandy’s husband Steffen who has been a HUGE help for the entire weekend! Not sure I want to see the video’s he’s been taping but I bet they will be fun!

Meeta and Sandy

As with any workshop there are always things that could have gone a bit better and there are always things that went a lot better then anticipated but overall I think everyone had a blast.

The team where unfortunately Edith was missing..

In the meantime we have started talking about the next joined workshop so stay tuned for more on that.. ;) And most of all I really want to thank our awesome sponsor for making it all possible and providing us with delicious wines, chocolate, macarons, props and more!

Udo supplied us with delicious South African white wine and some festive sparkly prosecco. Mind you he has some awesome wines you might want to check out on his site. We have tried quite a few and I love every one of them! Check it out on Wine Matters

Fonq is one of my favorite online stores and I was really happy when they agreed to sponsor everyone with an amazing cutlery set that I have been using a LOT since the workshop. Expect to see some photos coming by with cutlery you’re gonna want to have too… ;) You can have a look at it here

Not really happy with the current state of disposables here in the Netherlands Martine decided to single handedly try and change that, so she started her company called Feestelijk verantwoord. She sells all sorts of beautiful disposables and quite frankly I’ve been re-using a lot of them. If handled carefully they go a long way. You’ll be seeing more of her products here too (I’ll mention it when I do.. just so you know where to go and shop)

I met Sandra from Accessorize your home for the first time during a blogger lunch and even though we didn’t really talk for very long, when I called her and asked if she wanted to be sponsor for the workshop she immediately agreed. She supplied us with some beautiful bowl and plates from Sukima and some awesome teacups from Rachel Dormor, amongst others and I’ve got to warn you.. Once you start looking at her webshop you’ll be spending far more then you probably intended. It’s addictive and all sooooo pretty!

You see… there is such a thing as macarons and then there is such a thing as macarons… Ever since I went into Poptasi for the very first time I’ve been addicted. They make THE best macarons in the Netherlands. Seriously. And once you have tasted them… you’re hooked. For life. You’ve been warned.

Tony’s Chocoloney is rather well known here in the Netherlands and they are aiming to produce 100% slavefree chocolate. But what they are most famous for is – ofcourse – there delicious chocolate. Every year they have a few limited editions which are really gone before you know it and worth waiting for in the stores! They supplied each of the participants with an amazing 2 chocolate bars!

Geeta’s was a last minute addition to your sponsors and boy was I glad that Meeta contacted them. They supplied us with a few mango chutneys and some other delicacies from their stores. Beautiful produce and I already finished one jar of the chutney! It’s that good… We have it on everything; meat, cheese, sandwiches.. ;)

I met Edu Kremer for the first time through his niece Femke from Heeerlijk (who supplied us with a delicious brunch too) and I knew he was into wines, so he was the natural choice to ask for some good wines to use for dinner.

Edu and his son Nick started their company about two years ago and they are the exclusive dealer of the Pisoni wines here in the Netherlands but also have a range of other really good wines. We send Edu the menu and he paired it with a few outstanding wines. During the meal he told a little bit about the wines from Pisoni who are all biodynamically produced. They are situated in Haarlem and can organize wijntastings for groups from 10 people or bigger groups.

And last but not least we all received a spicemix from Original Spices   which they were kind enough to supply us. The Original Spices are produced by Euroma, one of the biggest spice distributeurs here in Holland.

And the one where Edith is to be seen (hiding in the back though) but Jenn is missing! Photo by Meeta!


  1. says

    Oh Simone, sweet memories at my place!!! I love to remember our days we spent together and our bathtub session, the lovely participants, the Rookworst and the “Flaus aus”, “ach soja bohnen” and many more. Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures – I didn’t even know that somebody took pictures of my session – very happy with that ;-)

    with huge hugs,


    Simone van den Berg Reply:

    O yes that bathtub session… Hahahaha… We had so much fun! Big hug for you too Sandy!


  2. says

    Great to see several absolutely talented, inspiring food photographers in one frame!
    Wish I could be a part of one such fun yet educational event :)

    Many thanks for sharing the moments and snaps with us, dear Simone.


    Simone van den Berg Reply:

    Thanks so much Nusrat!



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